Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Missions conference Spring 2013

Last Sunday we had our yearly Missions conference at the German Missionary Fellowship (DMG) in Sinsheim. Around 1100 people came to this conference and it was great to see the interest in world wide missions. Rebecca and I were responsible for the youth program in the morning. We had around 30 kids in a tent from Kirghistan called Yurt.
See pictures:

The Yurt in front of the Castle

Message about Daniel, living without compromise
interactive game for the kids

conference in the afternoon
In the afternoon we had an hour to share about what God is doing in Italy. It was a very encouraging time with friends and interested people. 

our workshop "Missions in Italy - not like cold espresso"


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Italian coffee is indispensable

Living in Germany, even for just a couple months, makes it difficult to have good Italian coffee. But fortunately we have a little coffee maker, called Mokka. It works with electrical power, so we can carry it with us when we are visiting friends and churches.