Monday, March 28, 2011

Inauguration of the new meeting hall

It was a wonderful day, the sun was shining, it didn't rain even if the weather forecast was bad for that day. We had more than 150 people attending the official opening of the meeting hall. Mainly from other churches from central Italy, but also around 30 non believing friends from Umbertide. The mayor was there, we had a wonderful choir from a Korean church in Florence and a challenging message from on of the elders from the church in Città di Castello. Afterwards a cold buffet.
The Lord is faithful in all of his actions and we pray that this new meeting hall can be place where people from Umbertide can hear the clear message of salvation by grace alone through faith in Jesus Christ.

 New meeting hall
 panoramic view of the inauguration
 Aner, Cristian and Adriene
the mayor
Otello preaches the gospel

 it was full
Ottavia and Olga (our oldest member)
George doing a great job concluding the celebration

preparation for the inauguration

 The women prepared pies for the big day
 finally we could put the sign on

Sunday school room

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Worship event @ Perugia

Yesterday we had a great evening of worship for teens and young adults. Our friend Vanet was also there, she recently had a recurrence of multiple sclerosis. She is only 28. Please pray for her.  

  Worship-Night in the Brethren church in Perugia
Vanet tells how God is supporting her in her challenge with multiple sclerosis. 
Rebecca and Vanet